Wednesday, August 29, 2012


There comes this vision in my mind tonight as I meditated quietly. I saw a sunflower a whole field of them or so it seemed all staring up adoringly at the sun. Back and forth they swayed in their glorious vision of the sun. But pull back on the image and suddenly you see that it is only the bright  light of the television screen shining down false light into them and as you watch you will this ice melting off of them as they slowly died . Lacking love and light they grew cold. You will that Ice gone and it is and suddenly all these beautiful flowers are suddenly free and incredibly beautiful feeling the real warmth of the sun upon their petals.

 Those sunflowers are human beings held in a hypnotic gaze,animals also enslaved by an life of slavery. All beings need love and light. They all need warmth to grow and spread their wings. They all need love to fill their leaves with life.They follow the sun as if it were a god itself. But that is all illusion.

We are the lights. The indigo children of the prophecy foretold upon the tongues of nations that abound upon the whole of this earth. We bring the warmth and the love. The compassionate spirits that are fully unfurled and basking in the glow of truth and beautiful feelings of forgiveness wash over us. We carry this and share it freely from inside the very depths of the unknown. We can see truly and know when there are those awakening. We can witness it as the beauty that can only shine from a soul free from lies and fear.


We are those that have walked the earth so many times that our feet are worn from the earth which we walk upon. The skin of the earth mother frays and tears and yet holds on with strength. She holds on knowing that there are those that can see her pain. There are those that can hear her cries of pain and cannot be ignored. There is only love and light. This is the truth of our existence.

We follow the path of peace. Harming none as we travel.  We follow the path of truth and share it where we go and there is a light in our footsteps as we approach. We travel with universal love  gathered in our hands. We let this go as we walk among those that are harmed and ravaged by the things that are done to them.We bring them to the truth and that is through us you now see truly.


    Freedom is at hand. We are not alone. We love unwaveringly. We speak truth and honesty.

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    I read your comment under Giles's message. I did not want to write there because I have some issues with them. But I would like to share some of my thoughts about your situation if you accept. If you are interested please let me know. You can reach me by e mail

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