Saturday, August 25, 2012

Coming Home

Reading this all of it resonates with myself and my partner. But where we differ is in how we were raised. My partner was raised by a very loving mom and step-dad in comparison. They were caring and kind but had little patience but they did not understand him they did support and love him.

What I am writing is in no way a call for pity but a simple fact. I feel I must share this with people that know what it is like to be us. My parents were abusive and lacked any and all support for me. When I won a tri-state area competition for persuasive speaking I was told that second place was not good enough. She then took it and threw it in the trash. When I won a competition for a martial arts competition in El Paso she did the same thing. She refused to stand in a picture when i graduated and told everyone that she wished she had smothered me at birth. So to say that they did not support me was an understatement.  So my voice cracked as I read this.

The thing that matters however is that we found each other from across the ocean. From one continent to England I traveled to be with my love. Thanks to Second Life I took the chance to become We. Though there was no support it still happened. Feeling alone and not understanding a thing of what I was only that I did not fit in. That I was too damaged to be loved. Yet this happened.

So many of us I have met are lonely  and feeling alienated. Yet we still shine through as the beautiful indigo children that we are. That color has been our favorite since birth. Now upon waking we are fulfilled and happy and joyful and know our purpose. Through everything we found one another.

For those out there still feeling alone we will meditate to bring them home. To heal their wounds and to make them feel welcome. Through reaching out we will spread this word and help any we find in our path. Feeling alone is a terrible thing when you feel you do not even understand yourself. Yet here within this group and others like it there is hope.

Sometimes not sure what it is that makes the writing just flow and flow but we are the hope of the world. We love and forgive and hope and know that we have a purpose. All of us have a purpose to heal. To accept and love and share the blessings of these attributes and bring all of human consciousness to a higher vibration.

Within us is a seed a starseed of pure loving amazing light that glows and shines forth it's love and generosity of spirit. The path of love is filled with tremendous truths and freedom from fear. Let us spread this light to all the corners of the world. To show every living being kindness with our every movement. With every word we utter let us heal this world.

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