Friday, August 10, 2012

Learning and Loving

To My Peanut Butter Kitten

There you were a screen between us and yet I loved you.
Finally I see you in reality and I knew that I loved you

You knew you were taking in a broken girl into your heart and home
I knew that I would have to work hard to be worthy of your heart and home

The face of troubles show themselves from my past and I cannot prepare
Your face accepting despite the past troubles made me stop,take a breath,and care.

To see the hurt written and slashed on your delicate face.
The tears in response that glide down my cheeks mirror the look on your face.

Working diligently every day.Working hard making it stay at bay.
It is a test and difficult but for you I will scale the highest mountain to keep it at bay.

For you my peanut butter kitten to see your smile...
There is nothing I wouldn't do. Nothing that would keep me from seeing that smile.

You are the reason I get up in the morning despite the pain.
You are the one with whom I am glad and grateful to share the rain.

You give me the most peaceful hours I have ever known.
When you took my hand that first time and you called me your own.

I love you in ways that words would put to shame with their shortcomings
To dance and take your hand and smile. It makes me want to share my joys and sing.

There is no replacing you in my heart.
I would rather die than be apart.

You see the world through the same eyes as I do.The hidden and beautiful,you see too.
I would never choose to walk this world alone,take your hand and we can see through.

Through the uncertainties and sadness. the nightmares that linger on in my mind.
Through all of these things you stand there and never falter or leave me behind.

You deserve so many things that I cannot give you right now,a world filled with beauty
So each day I will do my best to give you a small portion of that world of beauty.

To see you save that wounded bee and giving me the inspiration to form a nest
A safe arbor for a lonely damaged bee to find comfort and rest

You did this!
You have given me hope!
You bless this world by simply existing and breathing!
You never lie and you are always so true and honest!
Within your eyes there is beauty and honesty and amazing passion!
I want to hold you love you so fiercely that you will understand how I feel!
Your a beautiful lotus bud!
Your hands are my salvation!
Your warmth is what I cling to in this barren place within my mind!
I do not deserve the compassion that you give to me.

But love know that there is nothing that is impossible so long as you are with me.
You make everything possible and a delight of fun and joy.With you I am free..
Words are so confounding at times I sit here and try to find and put together rhymes
To tell you the amazing touching safe and loving filled times..

Where you held me and said everything would be ok and I believe you.
You never lie
When you took my hand even though I raged inside and loved me regardless..
I do not deserve you..
Why you love me and help me when I stumble and fall, I just do not know.
But I will spend the rest of my life striving to be deserving of someone as beautiful as you.
Whenever  people look and see themselves as they truly are sometimes they cry. Sometimes they smile and are happy. Sometimes they hang their head in shame. I sometimes do all of those things. Yet we get over it we move on and we learn from it. You simply must learn from your mistakes and share and send love into this world. You cannot blame yourself nor hold onto the guilt of things you might have done or things you did and regret. You have to be like water and find a way to move forward and life. There are many paths and no real barriers that you cannot overcome in time.

There will come to you people in your path. Some of them are there to help you learn. To help you grow and to understand yourself better. Sometimes this can be in the form of something positive or sometimes something negative. But you learn from it anyway. You learn and move forward.

Some people come into your life damaged and they complain and you see the problems and you offer advice. You offer advice and you watch to see if they need more help. But there will come a time when you can no longer help that person. They have to be willing to stand up and make a change in their life with the help you have offered or there is nothing more that can be done. You simply wish them well and always remain nearby but you cannot help someone who will not help themselves. 

The joy of life well there are so many. But what I would suggest is to think of how you speak. Do you speak in words of love and compassion? Or do the words like *hate* *can't* *won't* seem to sprinkle themselves liberally into your daily conversations? I would stop saying such negative things over time. Try to learn to be more positive and learn more compassionate ways to live and to be in your life. Help others and do not expect anything in return. Be a human being that others wish to be like. Live your own way and be yourself. Love others even if they seem incapable of it themselves. Give to others when you can. Give a kind word and help to heal someone. You do not ever hate something. You may dislike it all you want but never hate something. There was a quote and it says.

Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one getting burned.   Buddha

I ask others to be more considerate and to try to put yourself into the shoes of the person you dislike and try to understand it more. You may not succeed and this can happen. But if you do not try at all then what have you gained? I think that people should breathe a little more and listen rather than talk without thinking.

 You know I post responses on facebook sometimes where I will wish people love and compassion. Peace and contentment and they think I have insulted them. It is very strange to me. But I will continue to post things like that because the simple truth is that this world needs more of those things.A gentle word of love and caring goes a long way towards healing the world. We are all connected like it or not. We all should be more understanding and try to find positive ways to resolve differences. It is not an easy path at first but over time you realize that being calm and filled with love can be one of the most fulfilling things in the world. 
Remembering Who You Really Are
To the world may you find easier steps towards the things that bring you closer towards the light. May you find rest among the place where you choose to lay your head down. May your dreams be filled with wonderful things. I wish you love and peace and compassion for your fellow man and all fellow animals. May you be able to learn more everyday of what it is to be a truly positive and beautiful example of what human beings can be. In love light and peace I write this. Namaste.

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