Friday, August 17, 2012

Love or Fear

Last night in my meditations I traveled up to what I call source. I saw this pure white light glowing softly and beautiful.I moved towards it. In the middle of it I saw geometric patterns forming white over white over and over and then something changed. A darkening  and dimming of the light began. I willed it gone and it exploded outwards and the light was even brighter than before. I was sitting on a white lotus in full bloom. It was my lotus blossom in my mind. I had watched it struggling to bloom. To shake of this crust it had on it and it kept flexing outwards and there it was glowing white. I sat in the middle of that blossom and returned back to earth. Before I returned to my body I saw many more people and beings sitting on their own flowers spinning in the air glowing with light. We held our hands out towards each other palm facing out. Palm to palm covering this world in a joyous light. It was hard because sometimes the light would dim but then it would return. To a final beautiful brightness. To an enlightening of the world slowly but surely healing the wounds and cleansing the greed and pain from the world. I cried  as I was meditating. When it was over I knew that my bloom had finally opened up fully. It was almost beyond words.


This world is in need of healing and joy. We need all of you to begin to meditate and radiate love and compassion and all things based in love. Fear is not something that we can spend time on any longer. There is Love and there is Fear. The question I ask myself is this. Where do my actions, feelings and movements spring from? Love or Fear?. When you think about it you will find the answer inside of you.*hugs* With much love and light.

Center yourself and sit quietly in a room where you feel comfortable. Using your mind visualize yourself moving upwards. Slowly into the light and adsorb and know that you are of the light itself and the light is you.This does not happen the first night nor the first week most of the time. But think of it like a muscle that you are working out. In time it gets stronger and you can use it more frequently. You will begin to see things in your mind's eye in time. Keep doing this and you will know what I speak. You must gather the light into yourself and then share it with the world and beyond.
The light it within and all around us. It can illuminate a whole room with a single tiny flame. If it is easier for you imagine a darkened room and you are the light and in time you will make the room pure white light and beautiful. There are several things that have helped me on this path. Drinking plenty of water. Eating a plant based diet. Meditation and walking. Listening to Solfeggio  frequencies. You can find many on you tube alone. They help you to awaken through vibrations the light within yourself.


Pick the love over the negativity. Find truth within your life and focus on everyone and everything on this planet and beyond. There is much joy to be found sharing the love within yourself. Bringing that light to the front and giving it to others can feel so freeing. You can fly freely and heal the wounds that you see within people. You can see the places where healing needs to be done.


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