Saturday, November 17, 2012

Warriors of the Rainbow

They will and their eyes will be open and they will accept into their heart the understanding of others. Willingly will experience all the pain to know why people are, what they do, and why..there will come a day when the world will be led by love.
Not gluttony
Not Hatred
Not Judgement
Not whispers of maliciousness
Not children left to starve because someone wants a steak
Not from envy
Not from impatience
Not from fear of anything not known

There will come a time of great wealth. A wealth that is not carried in precious metals but within our hearts. We will know the promise of abundance for all and hatred no longer. We will walk hands held together and love each other regardless of petty superficial differences. We will walk with our kindred companion animals and not even think of harming them. Not for fur, milk, for leather for war or leaving orphans behind to die. We will be a rainbow of beauty and a warm front upon the stillness of a mindful life. There is love and joy and a world waiting for you to accept it and love...reject fear.

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