Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 21, 2012

The world I see ahead is one imagined and dreamt of by all souls that feel.

This world that is coming has been a fragile dream to many people.

Cared for and passed down through generations as something that can be.

On December twenty first know that it is not the end of the world in a literal sense.

It is a letting go of the ego. It is sharing and allowing in the light that resides within every single person.

It is a withdrawal from the greed apathy and fear that grips so many.

It is the knowledge that we can and will change the world into a far greater place.

It is knowing that we will take the hands of those long forgotten and denied redemption.

It is making a choice to stop participating in things that cause other beings pain.

It is a breath held in our lungs and appreciated and cleansed.

The world can heal and will heal through the efforts of everyone.

The beauty that can be held within the palm of your hand is just as important as the largest things your eyes can comprehend.

We are stronger than we could ever know and we will come to realize our strength together.

We will grasp the hand of our fellow human being in love and generosity.

These things will be reciprocated a million times over.There will be peace and communication.

Those that cling to physical things such as money as their only source of happiness will awaken and let it all drop to the ground.

Those that deny their true selves will come to realize that that is the only way one can possibly be.

When you look out of your window the day after you must realize that you have far more power than you ever knew.

You must know that your voice matters and that the ripples and resounding echoes that you create resonate with someone.

Those people that hear your voice will spread that to others. Nothing you do is in vain.

All of your choices from this day on are something you must consider carefully.

You have an ability to make a change.You must rid yourself of ego in recognition of such things and simply be the beautiful shining light that you are.

Let the fear fall to the wayside and know peace and love. Share this with everyone you know.

Even those that seem not to listen have been changed because of you. Never forget this.

There is no separation among all consciousness there is only unity.

Cling not to resentment and instead know the beauty in forgiveness.

Let go of your intolerance and begin to accept and be tolerant of all differences and all beings.

Material things bring a fleeting pale glimpse of happy. When you open yourself to spiritualism and the grandeur of the unity and wisdom of the world. You will then know the true happiness.

The world does not end it is only the beginning to a change from Fear to Love.

Quiescent Aureate Serpent 20.12.2012

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