Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dancing and The Music in the realm called obscurity.

Dancing to music is one of the most freeing experiences of our lives. The moves can signify so many things inside of ourselves. It can be the teleportation of pain to somewhere else for a moment while flinging our cares away. It can be a moment in time that we meet our loves,whoever they may be. We find freedoms we never knew we had in todays world of conformity. We find our
soulmates in the songs,singing of our own agony and pain and suffering. We turn to them and listen to them.

Dancing has been a balm and a torment to me. I admit it out loud here. I have an injury that impedes my movement. So when I move to attempt to dance I find my movements hindered. I find i cannot move to show supplication to the sounds that comfort and inspire me. It tears me apart inside when i find i cannot dance like i used to. It also has inspired me to write and in my writings I find I can
still confer a certain degree of feelings,emotion and passion to the songs that I believe deserve their homage paid to them.

Watching dancers move whatever their genre is inspiring. It shows beautiful creatures moving in ways we only imagine. It shows them folding backwards with a simple movement of their arms showing disdain and submission. It is so beautiful to behold. Within their moves are hidden
sensuality. I find myself in many of them even if they are in another country and during a different time. Watching them I find communal commonality. They move and bleed silent cruor tears filled with their own longing.  (it would not let me upload this so i inserted it here.It is Cities in dust by the ever present Siouxsie Sioux
*I hate the industry even more now, no bands get nurtured anymore. Labels only spend money promoting acts they know will be Top Ten. I find it offensive spending $2 million on a video.*

So they picked the careeer to display this to the world.The feelings I succumb to when listening to songs are amazing. Like a rainbow of  affection, agitation, sorrow, sympathy, despondency, perturbation, concern, desire, inspiration, drive, ecstasy, elation, empathy, excitability, satisfaction, fervor, grief, happiness, joy, love, melancholy, rage, remorse, sadness, and sometimes even shame.

It is a fantastic climax of all of these things that keep us coming back for more. We sit or stand move or do not dare to for fear of embarrassment. Which is silly you should just dance and not care.Close your eyes and find your own space of freedom. You should hold your hands up to the sky and thank whatever god you believe in for such a gift as this. This..this amazing gift of freedom. The
fantastic guide for our souls. The gentle pouring of rain over our parched quintessence. Desperate for a drink of compassion, for a draught of feeling. To watch and know that we are not alone.
For too many years I have watched things change. I know that we idolize our musicians and think that they must be made from some seperate mold. Something different than where  we came from. Not true at all. They have their own feelings and emotional catastrophies. Yet they step on stage and go on. The rape of the gift to me is the studio executives and the money behind it all. They place upon the stage beautiful looking beings that cannot convey our souls sustenence.They are mere pretty shells designed by thecorporate media and so many do not even question them.

They have not the ear anymore for beautiful music sung from the soul. Some of the most amazing and breathtaking songs were sung by people that you would quite possibly not consider extremely beautiful. But since when do we need a beautiful vessel to convey art? Since when do we have to have plastic idols to adore and yet they cannot convey what we as humans desire and need?

I miss the times when I could close my eyes in a dark club and just float away. I miss the times when my darkness covered body became filled with light as i simply spinned and moved on the floor with no cares and just let myself fall to my knees asking and begging for forgiveness or for understanding as i danced. As i crafted and weaved a spell of desire and magic for my hungry essence.

I miss fishnet black veiled clubs like some lackluster bird.Awaiting the glimmer of the moon to show the gleam of beauty hidden in the shadows.

Whatever happened to the music you had to dig for? Why is it so hard to take the time to find astounding pieces of music that leave you breathless?  Is it just that much easier to turn on the radio and listen to what they tell you to? Is it really? When you are missing out on music like this?

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