Monday, January 16, 2012

Consumption benefit yet Frugal

I could hardly believe it today when we wandered into a store today and went towards the discount area.We go there first now.I found a huge bunch of greens(69 or 89p),a couple of bunches of spring onions(69p) and a bag of red potatoes(9p).The night before we found some clotted cream pots for only 17p each and so when i got home today I opened the bag and found only a few small blemishes on the potatoes and everything else was fine.So i washed and cut out all the rough bits in the greens.I cooked them with rosemary and olive oil and black and white pepper.It was so good i ate a small bowl right there.I only wilted the greens a bit.Now there is a container of fabulous potato soup to eat in the fridge.

So for those costs you see there plus the cost of a cup of double cream about £1.09.Add it up and you come to approx £2.93 plus the small cost of olive oil and the pinch of rosemary and we now have a meal with warmth and positive energy in it that cost almost nothing.Tomorrow Alex my kitten works for twelve hours at his job.I worry for him and I like to make sure that he has everything and anything that he could need in this world.So I am going to fill his lunch box with this and some garlic toast and this will I hope bring a smile to his face.Not to mention the small note I plan on leaving in his lunch box.

There was a mint plant they were trying to throw away and i saved him for 89p.I went and found some plant food and some nice compost and replanted him loosening up his roots to let him know there was room to grow.I keep him watered and he is getting bigger!Our neighbor Alex gave us a lettuce plant.I confess I had never raised a lettuce plant and had not been known to posess a green thumb.But i tried.Finally in th emiddle of winter with one or two leaves clinging to it i took it in and warmed him.I then tried watering and that was not doing it.So now we repotted him with a six month supply of food.So here is hoping to a big plant! It is very exciting to me. A peace lily that my friend Barry bought for me is doing well in his new home.My little ivy is going to grow and so watching al these things growing is really quite enjoyable.I want to let the ivy grow to the cieling and all over.The more green the better.

Alex is now growing sprouts in a jar.I rinse them each day and they are quite good.Very vitamin rich.So Alex was tired and i thought ok what can i make for breakfast that e won't expect.So i took a big roll of shortbread  and spread it out over a pan.Well oiled wax paper and washed his sprouts and layered them in a thick layer over the shortbread.Then i took a bowl and in it i mixed one can of cream of mushroom and one container of cream cheese.Then i added a spoon of mustard,one tsp of cumin and one tsp of coriander.Then i mixed it all together.I then boiled potatoes in slices until almost done.Drained them and mixed them into the cream mixture.I cooked onions and bell peppers seperatly and put them on top.Then added mozarella cheese and cheddar and then cut up small cherry tomatoes on top until it was covered.Then I drizzled olive oil over the top and put it in the oven.

The cool part was the potatoes were almost free.The tomatoes were needing to be used big time.The cheese needed to be used so it all culminated in this dish.Which by the way was very very good.

I think they key is keep an eye out for good deals.Natural items you can cook yourself.Mix up and come up with something amazing!!IF you make too much invite a neighbor over and share!!!

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