Friday, February 3, 2012

Facial Lines and Their Stories

Let me tell you a little something about the author if i may. She is a bit of a recluse but once meeting
people she opens up and is quite genial. There may be emotions crossing her face at times and sometimes it is pain. In fact quite often it is pain. Mainly physical pain for which she is thankful to be able to manage thanks to her local GP. But it does weigh heavily on her at times. Having to put on a brave face.

But then don't we all do this upon leaving the house? We develop our walls of protection called a mask by some and by others a charming smile. Reading ancient history books I have found that this look is oftentimes that of a courtier. One of charm and civility and underneath lurking so many hidden things.

Now upon looking at anyones face you can see the tell tale signs of roads they have traveled upon
lightly, some carefree explorations and some trepidations although they might just do it again if given a chance. Some wear the hardships of the world upon their face. Within the furrows of their brows can be seen either the close inspection of life whereupon they examined it with intrigue or curiosity. Other times those furrows could indicate pain and a life filled with many toils.

Some people seem to lighten up at the appearance of someone that crosses their path because they know them and love them. Sometimes they are just having a good day and somehow cannot hide this happiness or contentment from the world and it shines through. I imagine being a guard at the palace where I traditionally am not supposed to show any emotional response. How hard that must be to stand there if you have just heard some delightful news. Perhaps your wife had your child. Perhaps you even held the baby in your arms and finally recognized a tiny piece of the universe you are now creating and growing and your line ..your history right before your eyes. Perhaps you just learned that someone close to you is terminally ill. All so many things that you could be feeling and yet stand you must. Upright and gallant even. Straightforward and stiff. The stiff upper lip i think.

Sometimes walking down the street I see children passing and on their faces seems a difficulty in hiding their feelings. But then they have not had enough occasions to have to learn the fine art of concealing one's feelings. They are free to show childlike delight at simple things. They wander in their own world and we generally as adults let them. We give them that freedom. Do we do it out of love? Knowingly? Do we do it perhaps because we know as adults how hard it can be.To have the freedom to just love and enjoy things should be a right. Maybe we as adults know this.

I think it should be a right. I think as human beings we should not be afraid to show childish delight at the raindrops as they fall. At the sunlight streaming through the windows of our homes. To see that ray of light hitting upon the shining fur of our well loved pets. To see their eyes look at us and know that they are our companions and smile because of it. To have those that posses our hearts walk through the doorway and our whole faces light up and sometimes we jump up into their arms and kiss them. Suddenly the world narrowing to a point where all you see is them.

To love, to share joys, to cling together during hardships. To kiss our wounds or wounded loved ones. To touch and attempt to heal with this. To hug one another. To skip along the road or dance to a song. Expressing with fingertips and hips and bodies made of lightness of being. As we try to describe without bodies what the sounds confer to us. What gifts they have given to us. To share all of these things.. all and anything that feels and shows emotions we have a right to it. If you are angry of course express it and try ..try hard to  not let it overtake you. Try to direct it towards resolution. Yes I know that can be difficult at times. Yes I know how hard it can be to forgive but you should. Perhaps you cannot forget and maybe that is a good thing. So you can remember and be prepared should whatever it is show up again.

 But never allow anger to own you. Never allow it to leave it's mark upon your beautiful soul. For you whoever you are reading this have a beautiful soul. In there is this amazing gift. The gift to forgive and learn and smile and find joy and grow and champion a cause. To shelter the weak from the brutalities of this world. To see with your eyes what others try and hide. Perhaps it is a hurt? IF you can see it maybe you can find a bandage to help them. We all of us.. ALL OF US... have the power to change this world. We have a chance while we breathe air to send out feelers. Sometimes we may feel pain. Sometimes we may find a joy beyond compare. Sometimes we may discover a beautiful side to someone we called friend.

These lines on our faces.This author used to fight them. She used to think that there was nothing to smile about. That all that was left to her was dissolution and pain. She thought she would die alone. She was so wrong. Her life has been filled with gifts beyond compare. She has found comforts she never knew existed. Let alone be worthy of receiving. She has an expanse of amazing life standing there in front of her. So now she wears her wrinkles with pride. She is getting laugh lines. They are there! It is exciting. She has reasons to laugh now and smile. She awakens to a beautiful new world every day and is so incredibly thankful for all of it.

So my advice to you is this. Let the world in a little bit. Smile at a random stranger even if they think
you are a loony bird. *laughs*  Do it anyway. Share the joy that is life! Share the bliss that is just
breathing sometimes. Sometimes when you eat say a quiet thank you. Thank the waiter. If you can manage it wander back towards the kitchen and say thank you to the staff. They may think you mad but do it anyway. Whenever you see a cashier and she looks stressed out tell her something kind and nice about herself. Validate people and show them how you see them. Never forget to say thank you to people most forget. Write a letter, pick up the phone but whatever you it with love and compassion. Thank you for reading.

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