Saturday, February 18, 2012


Something I wrote to share with all of you.

 All these beautiful things that we see from day to day.From a slight
speck of dust upon a petal of a small flower struggling for sunlight in
the misty dawn. It struggles and sometimes we do not see it. But all
around us are stories that we do not see. We are part of a timeless
moment..something that touches us all and yet we do not always see

it.Nor are we always aware of its loving touch. Attempting to guide us
down a path in our growth of spirit. There is such beautiful joy in
these moments when we finally open our eyes and see beyond our own small
existence. When we see beyond the small wanderings that become day to
day monotony among our peers..or so we think they are. Yet within each
of them is a story of lost passion of forgotten interests. Things that
sparked within them and then sometimes blossomed and struggled to life
and became more than we could have imagined in the first place. Then
there are those whose struggle did not light up like a small flame to
fan that gray creativity in our spirits. Among us lay these realms
that we do not see and yet we are not blind to them ..not really. We
could see them if we cleared our eyes of the fog of consuming things
that do not matter. Making sure that we are stationed in a particular
place to watch pixilated movements upon a screen that lack that spark.
That drain from us that which makes us such noble creatures of light.
That soul that we garner sometimes becomes more.

There is a greatness within everyone..within everything..predestined is
how i see it. There is a joy to behold in a simple walk and looking out
onto the horizon. Do not let yourself become numb and blinded by
miniscule things that matter not. Do not let your eyes and desire become
foggy by the repetitive motions of others that have become blinded to
the daily routine and not open to anything.But seeing you attempt to fly
and catching you before you fall. You were not going to fall You were
about to become grace were taking those steps to leap up
and out towards your dreams streaming in front of you. You can see
them...breathe them in and let life flow within.Let nothing hold you
back. Listen not to the daily diatribes of beings too cluttered with
decay to know true life when they see it. They are shackled with chains
of conformity and destined to be nothing but a figurehead on a
beast.Sucking  life from us until we are diseased.

Look up into the sky and notice the spiraling love and beauty to be
found there. That universal light is inside of you if you can only open
your eyes to see it. You are capable of things.You can help those
falling and lift them up.Instead of gathering with people you think to
be friends and join in their suffering. Take a chance and let yourself the wounded and comfort those sick of the world. Sometimes a
hand held out can help one from dying.Your choices can remove suffering
from those people.

The life you have been given is precious and you must rise to the
position that you were meant for. Do not cloud yourself with television
as it sucks your attention and potential like it was drinking your very
light.Do not dull yourself with drinks day after day. Covering yourself
in fabric that somehow has meaning simply because it bears a name of
someone that has done nothing for you or this world save simply taking
your money.Do not witness suffering in what you consume and allow it to
continue. Simply because something has always been done a certain
way..painted with a brush ..making strokes that you know does not make
it right nor something that is sustainable.The only way it remains alive
is through you giving it a part of yourself.

The amazing thing is this when you look to the ghosts of your past you
know what you have done and what you should have done. Do not hang your
head in defeat. Let yourself shine and look forward knowing what you now
know and be at peace.There is always a new day to wake up to and try
again to connect with yourself,with this world,with the people in
it,with your kindness,with a chance you did take. Not turning away once
and instead lending a hand.

You are so small in this world and in this universe and yet you are in a
world where there are many paths that can be taken and you pick
one..this does not mean that you cannot change. This does not mean you
cannot break free. This does not mean that you are something to be
ashamed of. You can change this.You have this amazing power and you can
use it. You have the power to stand and say No! I will not be another
cog in the machine. I will be free and there will be love in this world
not blind acceptance. I will be strong for those that cannot be. I will
see the good in others and bring it out of them.I will help those
trembling inside to take that tentative step forward.I will be the
divine being I am and have always been. I can make a change and forge
love and beauty and divinity into this world.

We are not dying..we will never go into that night peacefully. We will
stand for what is right. The blind can see. The sick can be healed and
there can be such changes in this world that nobody will understand at
first but we are awakening.We cannot sit and wither into this earth and
accept our chains.. we are free beings. We are love. We are divine and
we will conquer the apathy,the hatred,the unconscionable,the tragic,the
fear, and the pain.

We will and we can...take my hand and let me help show you the way.

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