Monday, February 18, 2013

Meditation To Help Many

The Benefits of Meditation

Closing your eyes and centering yourself can be the most helpful passive thing that you can choose to do. During times like now when the world seems to be moving at such a quickened pace at the cost of quality. While people seem to have more demands and less patience it is time to fully understand meditation and its benefits. When you look around and watch things sometimes you can become overwhelmed by all of the sadness and anger and lack of compassion that you see. There is always hope however it may seem distant it is there. Focus on the positive things in life. There are so many that they should keep you busy for a long time. There is no need to panic, no need to lose yourself in this consumerist world. Slow down..

Take a deep breath and relax your whole body. Stop trying so hard and find the beauty in stillness and a calm mind. You may be having thoughts at the moment. Some might be telling you that you can't do this. That this is too hard. That you can't sit still for that long and so on. Yes you can. It is in fact easier than you may know. Meditation does not ask that you sit still for hours at a time. This can be accomplished and can be seen in just a few days should you take the time to try.

Don't give up before you begin is what I always say. I used to be one of those people that said *no i can't do this my mind races and i can't sit still for that long* Then I tried. I sat for as long as I could and tried to relax and it did not work the first few times I did it. But then after a while It did begin to work. I learned to breathe from my stomach instead of from my chest. That helped me significantly. For years I had been having trouble with asthma and because I was breathing from my chest I was missing some of the air that I could have drawn into my lungs. Once I began doing this I stopped panic breathing and began to fill my lungs with so much air. Doing this allowed me to relax further than I had ever done before.

The positive effects of meditation are many. You can find yourself feeling more relaxed and it will help decrease the toll on your nerves that you experience.  It helps you to raise your seratonin levels and therefore making you feel better. You can have a place that is al your own and yours to create  with pure mind and pure love. You can find yourself in a state of prayer and you can feel closer to your god or gods. Many of us wish for these kinds of benefits in our daily lives and I am hoping to provide you with the means to do so for yourself.

Things to focus on while meditating can be as different as each individual. There are many ways to do this but I will tell you how I do it. First thing I do is turn off the phone, any and all chat boxes I may have open and just play some quiet background music with no vocals. I sit quietly and as comfortably as I can. I breathe deeply from my stomach several times to calm myself. Then I close my eyes and imagine the world the way I would like to see it. I imagine the suffering in the world is healing and that people are inherently good and peaceful people. We do not need such stresses in the world. I include all beings in my wish for a more loving world. This is just one thing that you can incorporate into your meditation. Visualize it and see it. Breathe slowly and gently and deeply over and over until you finally begin to feel that tension ebb away into nothing. I do this everyday and it has been helping me slowly. Now I look forward to doing this every day.!

The joy of it all is more amazing than you can imagine. Sitting there quetly in your own mind you can do such miraculous things. See the world as you wish it to be. Take that love that you feel and let it blossom slowly outwards. Be the calm mind and the dedicated spirit of good in the world. Find that  quietly at first and live your life in peace and focused calm after a while. You will notice things that perhaps you had not before. Do not worry what people think this is for you. You can do this and find a tranquil place even in the middle of the day. If you are at work and you have a break set your phone on vibrate and go to a quiet corner outside of your work maybe and do this for five minutes. Do it at your desk and do it with your eyes open and have a book in your hands perhaps and pretend to look at that and relax. There are no end to where and how you can do this.

This is part of an Osho Meditation

“Start being aware with day-to-day, routine actions, and while you are doing your routine actions, remain relaxed.

“There is no need to be tense. When you are washing your floor, what is the need to be tense? Or when you are cooking the food, what is the need to be tense? There is not a single time in life that requires your tension. It is just your unawareness and your impatience.

“I have not found anything — and I have lived in all kind of ways, with all kinds of people. I have always been puzzled: why are they tense? It seems tension has nothing to do with anything outside you, it has something to do within you. Outside you always find an excuse only because it looks so idiotic to be tense without any reason. Just to rationalize, you find some reason outside yourself to explain why you are tense.

“But tension is not outside you, it is in your wrong style of life.

Meditation postures can help you significantly on your path to learning. Remain sitting comfortably and you can focus your mind and relax. Standing and meditating can be done but it is a bit more difficult. However sometimes you must do it if you are in a subway or waiting in line. Try to focus your mind on the people around you and how their lives are much like yours. Find that which you have in common with your fellow human beings. Laying down and meditation can be done but it does tend to lead to sleep.

Meditation is free and you can do it anywhere and anytime you would like to! This is the cool part about it really. It costs nothing you need not buy special equipment or wear anything special at all. All you need is yourself and a place to sit. I add music in the background and sometimes incense to add another emotional connection to this time. The incense helps me to focus my mind and relaxing into a meditative state.

Meditation can truly help you in this life.

Meditation can help you to heal yourself. Please give these links a read and find out for yourself.

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