Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Assumptions and Truth

Assumptions ah that word, that action, the results. Let us speak about assumptions and consider what they are and why people do this. While I sit in my chair and see what people say and how they react to it and I feel sadness. I cannot understand how they can't see the harm they are inflicting on others. They assume and there are many things associated with that word.


Now the basic definition says that to assume means that you are uncertain, that you take for granted that it is true. By this very definition it means that you are not coming from a place of facts. So when you assume something about someone or something you are not in a place of truth. So by your very actions your cause people to assume that what you say is true. 


What I ask is that people come from a place of truth. To look beyond what their friends and family tell them and to find out for themselves. This is the only way to live your life. You take the time to research things no matter who you hear it from. Because through your belief you may be causing someone pain. You may be causing someone to question themselves or their actions. I do not enjoy hearing assumptions from people. Many times what I hear is someone who is trying to bluff their way through things and this helps nobody.


I believe that we are here to help other people. That to assume that because someone is say interested in violent video games that they are violent in real life. That is an assumption. If someone is from the Middle East they are not automatically a threat or a danger to anyone. This is what I see the media broadcasting lately. Assumptions without proof. They have been doing it for years now and people just eat it up as if it were the finest buffet. Completely unaware of the harm things like this cause over time.

Take time to get to know people that look different than you. Extend a friendship to someone you think you may know fits into a certain category and find out for yourself. Do not risk the welfare and contentment that can come from the truth. There are so many resources out there. They are usually freely available and all you have to do is motivate yourself to go look.

Realize that you may be sheltered and protected in your world. Question all things. Simply because someone put on a suit and speaks with authority does not mean that they are right. Look to whom they speak for. Find out where the money is invested. Do not sit there passively certain that the world is a certain way. It is not the way you imagine. This world is filled to the brim with possibilities, challenges, friends, experiences and an amazing future.

We are a beautiful planet. We need to go find out the truth and stop pretending that everything is ok. It will be, it can be. But you must start searching for truth and start having a voice for people to hear. If not now then when.

Disclaimer: What I write is how I feel about things. I am not the expert on anything. Read and think for yourself. Know what you feel is correct and if you doubt me feel free to go find out for yourself.

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