Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Light Within Us All

What is resistance ? What is blind belief ?  What is competitiveness ? What are these words that we throw around ? What do they all mean ? Do they have a purpose and a significance in our lives that perhaps we do not see or yet know ? Yes. Do they have a place and feed into and kill the light within us and we do not even know it ? Yes. Is the idea of your friend being offered the opportunity of a lifetime with large sums of money a reason to be jealous of them ? No but some will and some will feel a touch of jealousy.

Resistance is something that sparks a decided desire to make changes in a world that you may see as being slightly off  kilter. Resistance could be as small as not shopping at the huge store and walking a little further to go get your food somewhere else. It could be finally taking a step in the direction you want to see the world going in. It is finally waking up and saying wait a minute, Why am I doing this ? Why do I wake up at the same time every day and do the same thing and ignore the things right in front of me ? Why do I accept this collusion of these massive companies as they erode the very foundation I believe in ? So many questions, yet I could literally write paragraphs of them. I could fill books with all of the questions I have gathered over the years. Even now I add more.

So you wake up and walk into another room and begin your daily ritual. You open the bag of or jar of or bottle of whatever you consider food to be and consume it. You most likely did not read the label. Most likely you do not know where the bottle came from or how many lives were invested in making it. How many lives helped to create this item for you. How many people slaved so that you could have this. You eat your food, have your smoothie, drink your coffee or tea or water. Then you move onto the next part of your day. Work, making money, making a future, making the lives of your family or yourself better. You do this to the extent that they have some sort of food on their plate and light to see by and warmth or a fan to heat or cool themselves. They have some clothing and toys to play with. You as an adult have your own toys to play with that you enjoy.Did it come from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China, Russia, Mexico or some country you have not heard of. On the map if it was laid out for you to see where I wonder would these countries be. Could the average person show on a map the country where their item came from, many suprisingly could not. Can the people that produced these items for you and your family or friends feed their children healthy food and go to sleep in a semblance of a soft bed. Do they awaken and smile at their mother and know she is doing her best for them, yes I know this to be true. All over this world are mothers kissing their
sons soft cheeks before giving their food and off or work. There are daughters deciding to stay home to work and help their family because some other wealthy corporation came to take what was not theirs and leave people with little to nothing. Leaving them barren and their original motherland was now stripped bare, so they go to the cities. Will the earth replenish herself in time, yes she will. But she needs to be left alone to do so. A little help would be appreciated I am

The decisions we make as a people do not just affect us and our country. They touch every nation at some point. They leave their ripples sometimes to be felt for centuries. There is a cost for everything. The despoiling of the land is something I have witnessed firsthand and through the news on the internet. Blind belief is in essence the giving up of your questioning mind. It is the allowance of submission to someone who says that they are knowledgeable. That they know this is right for you.

Most people I see are much too complacent to stand up and state what they feel. They have lost that spark. They have given it to the corporations, the institutions, the pharmaceutical industries, the politicians, the educational behemoths. They think that these things will protect, nurture, enhance, breathe life into their dreams, hopes and families. This is passivity at it's finest. Assumption at it's most obvious. Blind acceptance at the core. You turn away to get on with your life and question very little. You do what you are told and move forward into whatever future these places have in mind for you. Your children learn from you. You know this and you think you are doing the right thing.

Competitiveness is something that can be both good or bad depending on the function and the situation in which it is employed. It can lead to great thinkers and wondrous achievements. It can also lead to anger towards someone you love, who you perceive to be doing better than you. It is that itch on the palms of your hands wanting to do something, anything to get where they are. Will people do almost anything to get it, yes of course there is no end to what people will do. Can they
understand that it is something implanted into us now by the corporations to instill fear, wanting, desperation and desire. For things, things that have no sense of touch and compassion. Things that fill your house and look pretty. But do they nourish you at your core, can they hold you and talk to you, no. They give only a reflection of something shiny to catch the eye. When at the end of the day they really are meaningless things. Whether you bought it to make your son or daughter happy
for a moment. Whether you competed to make your partner proud of you, to see that look in their eye. Most of the time I see people with their heads down in their palms pressing buttons. They are blinded in so many ways.

Resistance is something that can be positive and can change things for the better. Listen to positive words and sometimes stop moving all together. Just stop and breathe. Listen to your breath and give yourself just a moment in time. There is so much joy in this world if you look around a moment. Can you see it now as it winds around you. The energy is right there and all you have to do is open yourself to it. Resist in  ways that help others. Resist by reading the labels and where things
come from. Try to wrap your mind around where things come from and imagine how many people had a stake in what you consume. Think about what you are doing and save up and buy things made in the country you live in. Because in the end when you consume cheap things that cost laborious hours to produce while stripping precious metals from the earth, you are not helping the people that made it to get jobs. You take their homes and communities from them. You are better than this ! You know it and so do I. Within you is the greatest and most complex system imagined really within the confines of a human body and human potential ! Resist in small ways. You do not need as much food as you think to be healthy. Eat less but more nutrient rich foods. Think before you spend any money. Look at what you are contributing to. I do not speak from an ivory tower. I make little money as it is and yet my partner and I do this. You can do so much more than you think. You can help so many people in a passive way to have better lives. You have this power inside of you ! The light resides within yourself.

Blind belief is something that can be changed also. Remove the blinders from accepting things as they are. Take control and power over your life and your education. Question everything ! There is no better way to lead the way for your children to follow. I know money is tight. I know that things are difficult. But let us think and consider this. Most people have time to spend on facebook or playing a game. I hear but I do not have any time. Yes, you do. You just need to be more aware of it
all. If you have time for a movie then why not start making some bread for yourself. Mix it up and set it to rise and walk away and watch the movie. Set a timer and make your bread. Then when it goes off pause the movie and knead the dough and put it into he tins and then preheat the oven and bake your bread and go back to your movie. Small interruptions yes..but worth it. You just made your own bread and you will know the difference. Anything is possible to achieve if you think of what time you are spending. Do not allow these corporations the power to make you think that you cannot complete things on your own without their help. You can.

Competitiveness is another thing that can lead to better things. It all depends on how it is used. Can you use it to better your life and the whole world as a community, yes ! yes ! yes ! You are a part of a whole breathing beautiful thing that grows and lives and pulses with energy. Things are much more simple than they seem. You are right now, in this moment and then it will pass and another will come. Every single day is a chance to make a difference a change however small it may seem. Every day is a chance to connect with people and tell them that you love them. What they mean to you. If you can go see them. If you cannot then go write to them. Whatever it takes do what you need to do. All will happen as it is supposed to. Stop being so stressed out. Stop caring if you have the latest product, labeled fashion, the best new chip flavor and so on. Those things mean nothing when compared to a smile from your child. When it is compared to taking a walk and maybe planting a tree and teaching your child things about where oxygen and wood comes from and why and how. You may learn things you did not know in the process. Connect with your children and let them know that you love them through words and deeds and not things. They do not need things. They need you. They need love and attention and books and walks and understanding.

There is no past in your life that can make any difference now. There is not future that you can really change. But there is the now and that matters. Live in the now. Teach your children by example you are their god in many respects. Remember the light in good music and turn your back on anger and hateful messages. There is no need to be so undressed and angry and full of disturbing images. Some artists bring the light even if they are no longer with us. Look to the light and be of the light. Learn compassionate will and loving responses. Read a little more and in time you will find most of these questions will no longer plague you. Consider others when you make a choice and you will find the true spirit that resides within you.

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